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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (Korean: 검은사막) is a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss.

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Black Desert Online screenshot

Rosy greetings 🌹 📸 CmdrSAMU - EU #BlackDesert #BlackDesertOnline #BDO #BDORemastered #BDOScreenshot @BDO_News

Black Desert Online May 19, 2019

Black Desert Online screenshot

Last hours of the day with my horse at the beach. 📸 CmdrSAMU - EU #BlackDesert #BlackDesertOnline #BDO #BDORemastered #BDOScreenshot @BDO_News

Black Desert Online May 2, 2019

Black Desert Online screenshot

Calpheon Noble Dress fits my Dark Knight very well in this shiny environment in Port Epheria 😄 #BlackDesert #BlackDesertOnline #BDO #BDORemastered #BDOScreenshot @BDO_News

Black Desert Online Apr 28, 2019

Jurassic World Evolution screenshot

This is my 5000+ rated Indominus Rex next to his latest victim 🦖🦕. #JurassicWorldEvolution #IndominusRex #dinosaurs @JW_Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution Feb 16, 2019

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X4: Foundations

Review of X4: Foundations

Nachdem ich mich lange auf X4: Foundations gefreut habe, ist es nun endlich erschienen.

Nov 30, 2018

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Bless Online

Bless Online Steam Release

Finally Bless Online will be making its debut in the Western world.

Apr 29, 2018