CmdrSAMU Gaming respects your privacy while browsing throughout this website. Therefore the following steps ware established to ensure this goal.

HTTPS secured

HTTPS is an adaptation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol for secure communication over a computer network, and is widely used on the Internet.[1]

All web pages on CmdrSAMU Gaming are secured with a valid SSL/TLS certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. Every action you do is safe and can not be observerd by a third party. No Man-in-the-middle attacks are possible while you visit this website.

No Ads

Because CmdrSAMU Gaming is a non-profit website no ads will disturb your browsing experience. It's probably the first time your adblocker has nothing to do :). If you like this site and would like to give me something back, you can donate at Paypal, Twitch via streamlabs or become a patron at

No Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.[2]

This website has no need for saving your personal data for later usage. Therefore not a single cookie will be stored in your browser.

No Tracker

Tracking or web analytics is a technique to measure, collect, analyse and report web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. However, Web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic but can be used as a tool for business and market research. A very common tool is Google Analytics.[3]

CmdrSAMU Gaming will not collect any of your personal information to use it for business or market research because it is a non-profit website. The built in access logs generated by the webspace provider of this domain will only be used for improving this website. For example to fix bugs and prevent your browsing experience from seeing error pages.


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